Founder and CEO

Amy Gordinier


I am obsessed with healthy skin.

When I moved to Halifax, Nova Scotia, to start a family, I thought I had left my days in the beauty industry behind. That was until I met the great, great granddaughter of Thomas Dixon, the pharmacist creator of the heritage Skinfix healing balm. I was captivated by the powerful formula that the Dixon family had passed down through five generations and blown away by the hundreds of hand-written testimonials that they had amassed from people who had used the balm to heal some of the most serious skin concerns.

Thomas Dixon’s Skinfix balm ignited a passion in me for what was possible in clean skincare. I saw the future in better-for-you, clinically powerful solutions that could help people heal some of the most stubborn skin issues.  I mortgaged my house to buy the company and relaunched Skinfix in 2014. Since then, I have followed the methodology of using a robust combination of clean, pharmaceutical and cosmeceutical actives, and nutritious ingredients to replenish and maintain a healthy skin barrier.

My team and I work with dermatologists, naturopaths and clean chemists to develop our formulas.  We are the only clean skincare brand to put our products through the rigour of third-party clinical studies to validate their safety and efficacy. The skin barrier is our body’s first line of immune defense, and a vital player in overall wellness and healthy aging.  As a brand, Skinfix is committed to science-led innovation to improve and maintain skin barrier health.

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