The Stride team is a collection of individuals. We have different backgrounds, work experiences, perspectives, and favorite sports teams.

But we have a lot in common. We share a passion for company building and a desire to help founders reach their goals. We formed Stride to work with great management teams; not to “do deals”. We love rolling up our sleeves on complex business problems, using our deep set of experiences and collaborating to find the best answer to difficult questions. And we genuinely like each other – we have several decades of combined experience working collectively and look forward to building a firm together.

Mike Banu Castanea
Michael Banu Principal
Steve Berg Castanea
Steve Berg Partner
Tim Burke Castanea
Tim Burke Partner
Tom First Castanea
Tom First Operating Partner
Nicole Fourgoux Operating Partner
Sharon Fox Castanea
Sharon Fox Operating Partner
Emma Greenwood Senior Associate
Juan Marcos Hill Castanea
Juan Marcos Hill Partner
Paul Kenny Operating Partner
Scott Kerslake Operating Partner
Colleen Love Castanea
Colleen Love CFO and CCO
Robyn Myers Associate
David Retter Operating Partner
Steve Richards Castanea
Steve Richards Operating Partner
Chapin Ruffa Associate
Allyson Westhaver Executive Operations Manager

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