Britta Chatterjee, Lindsay Holden & Shannon Kearney

Odele Beauty

Britta Chatterjee, Lindsay Holden + Shannon Kearney came together to launch Odele in 2020.

Prior to Odele, their bathrooms were packed with products for them (the fancy kind), their partners (the whatever kind) and their kids (the safe kind) . . . and quite frankly, it was excessive.  To them it felt like there were clean brands, but they were expensive, there were salon quality brands, but they weren’t clean, and the few truly clean but less expensive brands didn’t meet their personal performance expectations.  Odele marries all those priorities.  Firm believers that great design + quality can and should be available at a diversity of price points –  they set out to disrupt the shelves at mass.

As founders, they bring vastly different perspectives and experiences to the table, from big company to small company, retail, product development, brand, sales, negotiations and operations. The trio’s ability to over-engineer products and focus on maximizing value for the consumer, and frankly obsess over every detail comes from what they are passionate about within their prior experiences.  The success and the rapid growth of Odele can be attributed to the team’s complementary skill sets and intrinsic understanding of their core consumers as well as a product line that exceeds expectations in both form and function for those with the most discerning tastes.

We keep it clean. We make it fancy. 
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