Creative Director and Chief Brand Officer

Rebecca Proctor


While perhaps technically not a “founder”, Rebecca is the creative force behind MacKenzie-Childs and is responsible for the brand’s most iconic and successful product launches.

Rebecca Proctor has always had an appreciation for design. As a child, she began to find beauty in the world around her when her mother took her to museums, gardens, and any type of event that piqued her interest. Says Rebecca, “When I think about it now, I realize how much I learned at her knee, and how fortunate I am to have fallen into a career in design.”

Rebecca joined MacKenzie-Childs in 1991, after having studied art history and owning her own clothing store in Ithaca, NY. Working closely with the company’s founders, she began traveling the world, growing as a designer and learning to appreciate what can come from strong collaborations. Over the last 27 years, she has worn many hats at the company, always bringing both passion and personality to her work.

As the Creative Director and Chief Brand Officer, Rebecca manages a team of talented designers and is responsible for leading the design and artistic mission of this vibrant, cutting-edge home furnishings brand.


Each piece handcrafted by artisans has a unique signature of its own, and no two pieces are identical. 
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