January 23, 2024

Sharon Fox Featured on The CPG Guys Podcast

The CPG Guys welcome Sharon Fox, operating partner of Stride consumer partners.

They covered the below questions:

1. Could you share insights into the current trends shaping the consumer goods industry?

2. What strategies has your company employed to navigate challenges in the rapidly evolving consumer landscape?

3. How do you identify promising consumer goods startups to invest in, and what criteria do you prioritize?

4. Can you discuss the role of sustainability and ethical practices in the consumer goods sector, and how it influences investment decisions?

5. What advice would you give to entrepreneurs looking to pitch their consumer goods startups to investors like Stride Consumer Partners?

6. In your experience, how has technology impacted the consumer goods industry, and what opportunities or challenges does it present?

7. How do you see the future of consumer goods evolving, especially with emerging technologies and changing consumer preferences?

8. Can you share a success story of a brand that has yielded positive results with your partnership?

9. What role do branding and marketing play in the success of consumer goods startups, and how do you assess these aspects when considering investments?

Listen to the full conversation here

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